Plant-based lattes are now more available than ever in Montreal's independent coffee shops (yes!), but some of these guys are definitely slaying it.

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Life's too short for bad lattes, so here's a list of the 7 coffee shops where you're guaranteed to have one of the best coffee of your life,  plant-based or not.

1.Café Dei Campi

1360 Rosemont

Located in Rosemont-la-Petite-Patrie near the Père-Marquette park, this vegan Italian café opened last winter but is already known as one of Montreal's best vegan spots. Serving cornetto, affogato and mini-pizzas, this is the place I go when I want a soy or almond latte with a vegan donut while watching a Napoli soccer game (which is nearly every weekend).


2.  Hoche Café

4299 rue Ontario Est
Located in the heart of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, the Hoche Café has the most fresh and dense espresso I have ever tasted which also makes it the best plant-based latté I've ever had. They offer several baked goods, including a vegan chocolate chips cookies, a vegan orange muffin and a tempeh sandwich which are out of this world. It's fully worth going dans l'essst.


3. Cardynal

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1558 Mont-Royal Est
Most of the Plateau's non-vegan coffee shop serve decent tasting vegan lattes, but the Cardynal definitely excels at it. It's my favorite place to grab a soy latte on the go before running some errands.


4. Antidote

3459 Ontario Est
Opened since 2014, Antidote is a restaurant and a little grocery located on the Promenade Ontario in Homa. They sell homemade seitan, plant-based cheeses and BLTs. But they also serve a rich and thick soy latté that pairs extraordinarily well with their breakfast sandwich.


5. Leaves Café

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2051 Rue de la Montagne

As the first all-vegan espresso bar in Montreal, Leaves Café certainly stands out. It serves homemade baked goods and the place is filled with cactus and plants which makes the cutest setting to drink almond lattes with your S/O or your best friend.


6. Résonance Café

5175a av. du parc

Aside from hosting incredible jazz performances, the Résonance Café also serves one of Montréal's best coffee. Their latte is just dark enough and the place is  simply perfect if you want to meet up with friends, have a hot drink and listen to some jazz.


Café Vénosa

4433 St-Denis

One of my favorite trends from these past few years is cat cafés; most people love cats and coffee, so that only makes the concept practical, smart and adorable. This one is particularly unique because their menu is all vegan and the cats that live there are from the SPCA, so you can adopt all one of them if you have a crush. This place is my favorite when I have to get work done because you can pet cats whenever you want and their latte are gigantic and taste delicious.


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