Montreal is home to many vegans and vegetarians. In a large city filled with so many eateries and events, it's important to know where to find some good upscale vegan restaurants, along with vegan cafés to grab that perfect latte (made with almond milk of course). There are even vegan events around the city that most know about, making vegan living pretty accessible for those who choose to practice the lifestyle.

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But what if you're vegan/vegetarian and aren't looking for a cool bar or classy restaurant to go to? What if events aren't your thing? Maybe you're just interested in ordering some takeout and watching Netflix all evening.

Well, there are some pretty awesome restaurants around the city that offer delicious takeout, the best part? 100% vegan. So turn on your favourite Netflix series, get into some comfy clothes, and order enough takeout to fill your vegan heart's desire.

Vegan Rapide

This comfort-food-meets-healthy vegan restaurant has everything you could possibly imagine. From a large selection of wraps and pizzas including different faux meats, insane vegan poutines and burgers, you'll be in heaven with all there is available for you to order.

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Aux Vivres

A healthier take on vegan grub, the menu offers a complete selection of sandwiches and popular salads, as well as traditional Indian meals made to accomodate vegan living. They also have a wide selection of smoothies that are available for delivery.

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Lola Rosa 

This popular Montreal restaurant chain serves up vegetarian and vegan Mexican dishes with a spin. Although a pretty well known spot in the city, not many know that you can order all of their menu items for delivery. Its true! Next time you're craving a burrito this is the place to pick.

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La Panthère Verte

Popular for their many sandwiches that offer a variety of vegan "meats," the restaurant also has amazing soups and sides to choose from. Better yet, the restaurant has some of the most mouth-watering selection of desserts ever! All of this and more is available for delivery straight to your door.

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Via Antidote Bouffe Végane


Probably one of the only vegan restaurants that offers 100% faux "smoked meat," this is a place you're going to want to order from ASAP. The fare here includes traditional eats such as burgers, poutines and sandwiches. Don't be fooled though, you won't even believe what you're eating is vegan!

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Copper Branch

The McDonald's of vegan restaurants, every vegan and vegetarian person plus their cousin has been here at least once. But did you know you could order most of the menu for delivery? With so many options to choose from, you're going to be ordering takeout a lot more often.

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Chu Chai 

This traditonal Thai restaurant specializes in making mock meats and seafoods in regularly non-vegan dishes. The restaurant is pretty classy and you'd probably want to dress up a bit if you were eating there, but you can skip all of that and order your favourite Thai eats for delivery.

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