Photo cred - Meg Strouse

Were you ever eating a pickle and said to yourself, "Man, this would be so much better if only it was stuffed with a hotdog, then battered, and deep-fried"? Well hold on to your socks, boys and girls, because that's precisely the latest trend at, you guessed it, state fairs!

It's really quite something that no one has dreamed this up before, or at least, were being selfish and keeping it tight-lipped, denying the rest of us the foodgasm.

And it's as simple (and delicious) as it sounds. For anyone who has ever eaten a corn dog before, you know the awesomness that is deep-fried meat on a stick, but throw in the brine-y goodness of a juicy, slightly crunchy pickle, and you've now extended your food pyramid.

Need to make these right now? The good people at Epic Meal Time have shared an easy step-by-step for reproducing this new american classic, which they've affectionately coined as Pickle Kissers.


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