For those who love adventures, then exploring these caves is the perfect activity for you! The Bonnechere Caves are only 3 hour away from Montreal and they are truly worth the trip. These caves are known as some of the best examples of limestone cave formation.

Not only can you explore these caves and the wonders that they hold, but you can also eat dinner in them and camp near by! This is the perfect road trip to do before summer ends! The caves are truly beautiful but so is the area and park around them. They are located right near the Bonnechere River and the caves themselves are underneath flowing water!

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If you aren't really the adventurous type and you don'y really feel like being Indiana Jones, then don't worry because these caves hold great educational values as well. There are multiple fossils and even great stories behind these caves.

It may be a tight squeeze to fit it into your last minute summer plans but if you can squeeze through the cave then you can squeeze in time to visit it! There are tours that lead you through the narrow passages that are actually located on a tropical sea floor 500 million years ago (WTF)! Oh but beware of the bats!

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Directions: 1247 Fourth Chute Rd, Eganville, ON K0J 1T0

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