Last Friday was my birthday, and my only wish was to have a nice dinner without having to travel too far.

So I asked our resident food blogger Miranda Cipolla which restaurant she recommended.

Without hesitation, she answered Rubs located near the corner of Prince Arthur and Saint-Laurent.

After all, one day earlier she had placed Rubs at the top of her list for the best BBQ restaurants in Montreal.

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And let me tell you, she nailed it. I went there with a party of 4, not knowing what to expect and I was not disappointed.

We were greeted by a waitress who immediately informed us of their special deal. She said that if we were planning on drinking more than 1 beer each, then it would cheaper to order their big beer.

So we did, and a few minutes later she arrives with 4 gigantic frosted 1 liter mugs.

The perfect way to start the evening.

All of the appetizers looked to good, we couldn't pick just one, so we ordered 4 to share instead.

The food arrived in no time at all, and as we laid eyes upon this marvelous bounty of deep fried awesomeness, we knew we had made the right choice.

The chicken fingers were unbelievable, the brisket rolls were fit for a king and the wings were so big they looked like they came off a turkey.

But the blooming onion ... oh the blooming onion! I don't even like onion rings, but I attacked that blooming onion like it stole my wallet.

The apps were so filling, we couldn't even fathom eating anything else. But we powered through and each ordered a different specialty burger.

One of my brothers had the pulled pork burger, and I don't mean little bits of pork. They practically put a whole pig on that burger!

Plus the burgers were smoked and slathered in one of the best tasting BBQ sauces I've ever had.

It's the little things.

When we needed to modify some portions so we could share the appetizers, they were happy to do it.

When we stepped out for a cigarette, they came outside to give us a heads up that our food would soon be arriving.

And when they overheard it was my birthday, the presented us with a complimentary chocolate covered bacon and ice cream bowl!

At this point we couldn't eat another bite, but we powered on because saying no to chocolate covered bacon is just plain crazy.

It's safe to say they know how to treat their customers right, so the next time you're craving BBQ, do yourself a favor and head over to Rubs.

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