Photo cred - Dude Foods

Grilled cheese is mixed up and redone so often, we wonder if there is any way to truly revolutionize the dish. Mixing up the cheesy innards has been done (giving us the godly gifts of the Philly Cheesesteak, Poutine, and Pierogi Grilled Cheese) but what about changing the exterior container, not with a new type of bread, but rather with...wait for it...deep fried chocolate bars?

Speculation has become reality thanks to the crazy culinary snack fiends at Dude Foods, who have done the work of God (or the devil) by creating a grilled cheese sandwich with a deep fried KitKat as the bun. Over the top, yes. Do we want it in our mouths right now? Double yes.

Creating such a sinful grilled cheese requires one to deep dry a KitKat coated in flour, egg, and panko bread crumbs, then slapping some cheese between, and frying the choco-cheesewich in a pan, as one would for a normal grilled cheese.  After all that, simply indulge, losing some dignity in the process, but achieving a state that can only be grilled cheese bliss.

Feast your eyes on all the fatty goodness through the pics below.

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