I'm normally not a fan of Macaroons. First because when I think of macaroons, I usually think of these puffy coconut things. But the main reason I don't like them is because they tend to combine a really good flavour with a terrible one like Mandarin and cucumber water, lemon and basil or mint coriander. But these Lime Zest Raspberry Macaroons look so good I don't care what the terrible surprise flavour is - and from the looks of it, there doesn't seem to be any. Only layer upon layer of deliciousness.

I would gladly eat these by the dozen. I mean look at them, they're adorable. Perhaps that's why they're so damn expensive when you buy them in bakeries! Luckily, these actually come with a recipe. But it's long and complicated so instead of transcribing it all here, I figured I'd just leave the pictures for your viewing pleasure and provide the link for those daring enough to attempt to make them. Good luck!

Check out A Simple Pantry's Website for the recipe

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