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A blow has been struck in the heart of Montreal's food scene: Amelio's, considered by many (including us) to have the city's finest pizza, has declared bankruptcy and closed its doors, reports Montreal Eater.

The sad news comes after a 30 year reign in the heart of the McGill Ghetto. Both denizens of the borough and Montrealers from around the city would regularly flock to the restaurant for a taste of one of their heavenly pies.

Despite being cash-only, having limited hours, and an open table policy, Amelio's won the hearts and minds of Montrealers with their one-of-a-kind pizza experience. Their popularity was also aided by their BYOW policy, allowing their customers to chug down their favourite bottle while they gorged themselves on food.

Though Amelio's sported a menu with a wealth of delicious options, their most famous offering was their White Pizza. Described by one McGill student (he shall not be named) as "an orgy of cheese, butter, and bread," the pie was arguably among the tastiest and most indulgent dishes to be found in the city.



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