With all of the breathtaking and insane sights around the city and the province alone, it's hard to decide where to go next or what to do when you have some vacation time and want to spend it right.

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If you really want to see something truly amazing, and enjoy a little bit of travel, you definitely need to visit the Flume Gorge this Summer.

The canyon path is located just 3 hours from Montreal in New Hampshire, so as long as you have a passport with you you're good to go. The Flume is a natural Gorge that extends 800 feet at the base of Mount Liberty. The walls of rock are about 90 feet high, but only at it's minimum 12 feet across. Expect some close encounters if you're here on a busy day.

You have the option of hiking the full two mile loop that includes up-hill climbing and steep stairs as well as the views of the Gorge, or you can opt out of the extra walking and skip right ahead to the amazing views of the Gorge itself.

It's here at the Flume Gorge that you'll discover moss covered bridges, tall fairy-tale like waterfalls, and incredible mountain views. 

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The story behind the actual discovery of the Gorge being quite interesting on it's own. In 1808 the Flume Gorge was discovered by a 93 year old woman while she was fishing. None of her family had believed she had found such a beautiful place, but she eventually persuaded them to visit the Gorge themself and it continued to gain popularity from there on out.

So, what else are you doing this Summer that's better than walking through a canyon?! This is definitely a memory that will last a lifetime.

To find out more about the Flume Gorge, click HERE.

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