Waking up on a Saturday or Sunday morning, you instantly have two thoughts: "God my face hurts I'm so hungover," and "I need brunch right now." The two don't exactly go hand in hand, because your hangover doesn't really facilitate cognitive thinking, and so choosing a place is more than difficult. But thankfully, as with all things, there's an app for that.

Brunch Montreal is a free app that is exactly what it sounds like. Kind of like a very specific Yelp, Brunch Montreal lists nearly all of Montreal's brunch spots in the city, with a map feature built-in to conveniently see what's closest to you.

To help you make a choice when your mind is incapable due to the effects of alcohol, Brunch Montreal integrates user-reviews to tell you if a place is legit or not. Brunch Montreal does the same with its "Top Spots" list, which the app-creators assemble and are then ranked by users.

Hardcore brunch goers probably already have a spot they head to when they're uber hungover (Bagels Etc. FTW) but Brunch Montreal will give you way more options, instantly, and by location. Very best of all, the app is entirely free. Check out the details here.

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