When it comes to poutine-ingenuity, no restaurant holds a candle to La Banquise, the famed 24-hour poutinerie on Rachel street in Montreal's Plateau-Mont-Royal. Many claim La Banquise to have the best poutine in the city, which is a pretty big claim, but we can definitely say they have the most festive fries-cheese-and-gravy combo Montreal has ever seen.

Poutine of every sort graces La Banquise's extensive menu, and for the month of December, you can add "Christmas" to that already long list flavours and types, with the introduction of the "La Nowëll" poutine.

A special creation for the holidays season (and only available for the month of December) La Nowëll is a mish-mash of classic Christmas flavours, put into poutine form.

La Nowëll features a bed of classic fries, cheese, and gravy, then topped with a homemade mix of veal, pork, and beef that's seasoned like a tourtière, a few pieces of chicken breast for good meaty-measure, and a cranberry coulis to add a tangy zip of flavour.

Basically, La Nowëll is like an entire Christmas dinner in one bite, with a poutine added in the mix, which sounds like the most next-level comfort food imaginable.

To get a taste of La Nowëll, the only Christmas poutine we know of in existence, head on over to La Banquise any time of day, because nothing says "Christmas in Montreal" like a poutine at 4am.

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