Photo cred - @taste.montreal

For those of you who don't know, zeppoles are Italian deep fried pastries similar to a stuffed doughnuts. In fact we recently posted a list of the best Montreal spots to get zeppoles. Though they're usually stuffed with cream,  custard or ricotta, one Montreal bakery has decided to put a delicious chocolatey twist on the classic dessert. Introducing the Nutella Stuffed Zeppolle, it was created by the wonderful bakers over at Dolce & Gateaux and the picture was posted to Instagram by Taste Montreal.

Everyone knows doughnuts are dangerous because it's so easy to gobble up 2 or 3 in one sitting. They're so fluffy, I'm pretty sure that's mostly air I'm eating. But these babies have no room for air, they've been stuffed full of Nutella and custard, covered in powdered sugar and topped off with even more Nutella. I'd have trouble eating even a sliver of this without hating myself, and if I manage to actually eat an entire one, I doubt I'd be able to even consider eating a second one. Not because they don't look absolutely delicious, which they do. But because I doubt I'd even be able to move afterwards.

There's no recipe for this tasty treat, so if you're tempted, you'll just have to head down to Dolce & Gateau to pick one up.

Photo cred - @taste.montreal

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