UPDATE: This event has unfortunately been cancelled. Read more here.

It's that time of year again where, despite the growing spooky Halloween spirit, we begin to anticipate the holidays and all the festivities that accompany them.

It's hard not to love the holiday season. Besides the freezing cold temperatures and potential snow storms, it's probably the time of year where everyone is at their happiest. From delicious food, to Christmas music, and decorating for the season, how could you not be overly joyful?

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TL;DR  The holiday season is quickly approaching which means the return of the Montreal Christmas Market. Luckily the wait isn't too long, as the market begins on November 30 and runs until December 23.

One of Montreal's favourite events that only stays for the holiday season is the Montreal Christmas Market. 

At the most magical setting in the city you have the opportunity to go day or night and enjoy everything we all love about Christmas. The traditional log cabins and dozens of stands offering food, drink, and Christmas gifts will always make you feel as if you're in a winter wonderland.

Now that you're in the holiday spirit, the big question on your mind is when the seasonal market will be returning to the city. We all know that the season doesn't officially begin until the Montreal Christmas Market has returned to the city.

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Needless to say, we desperately need it as soon as possible.

Luckily the wait isn't that much longer. The official opening date for the Montreal Christmas Market 2018 is November 30, according to Québec Origine, the tourism site of the government of Quebec.

Via Le Grand Marché de Noël de Montréal

It may seem far away, but with October less than two weeks, holiday festivities are actually just around the corner.

The market will stick around until December 23, so you can expect it to be an event jam-packed with the most incredible Christmas goodies and fun. 

For more information on this year's Montreal Christmas Market, click HERE.

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