It's that time of the year again when everyone starts to hit the gym to get that "summer bod" that we all want ASAP! Well, working out only accounts to 20% of the equation that will = HOT SUMMER BOD... They other 80% is what we are eating. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying go on a diet or only eat from these restaurants. However, we all know the struggle of trying to get in shape but also wanting to eat out with your friends or that special someone.

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Well, don't worry! First of all, you should live life and eat whatever you want and your body is 100% already beautiful, but if you are like me and you want to have a more healthy lifestyle, then I suggest checking out the restaurants below to help you maintain or get that summer bod'. These are great places to eat out at without getting junk food!

Eat Healthy At Mandy's

2067 Rue Crescent

Food: Gourmet Salads and snacks

Summer Bod' Health Scale: 9/10 (sometimes I sneak a cookie in)


Eat Healthy At Santropol

3990 Rue Saint-Urbain

Food: Sandwhich (with lox) and Salads

Summer Bod' Health Scale: 9.5/10


Eat Healthy At Freshii 

@freshii jusqu'�, la mort. 🌱 -- @freshii 'til death. 🌱 #foodora

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454 Av du Parc

Food: Buddha bowl and Burritos

Summer Bod' Health Scale: 9.5/10


Eat Healthy At Omnivore

4351 Boul St-Laurent

Food: Middle-Eastern - chicken or beef that's been grilled to perfection, lentil rice, hummus.

Summer Bod' Health Scale: 8/10 (Large portions)


Eat Healthy At Falafel Avenue

2020 Boulevard Robert-Bourassa

Food: Falafel

Summer Bod' Health Scale: 9/10 (homemade heaven)


Eat Healthy At Le Cagibi

Vegan tofu burrito with almond milk latte ;)

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5490 Boul St-Laurent

Food: Vegetarian (Croque-Chevre, which features goat cheese, honey, and sun dried tomato pesto, and their Granola Maison dish, with yummy granola, milk, and bananas)

Summer Bod' Health Scale: 9/10 (lots of dairy)


Eat Healthy At La Panthère Verte

Multiple locations

Food: Vegetarian (most know for falafels)

Summer Bod' Health Scale: 9.5/10 (all organic)


Eat Healthy At Vivalia

286 Rue Notre-Dame O

Food: Vegetarian (sandwiches, salads, falafels, juices, and even sushi!)

Summer Bod' Health Scale: 9/10 (too many options I'd have them all!!!)


Eat Healthy At Le Lunch Box (Paléo)

5906 boulevard Monk

Food: paléo, gluten free or vegetarian diet

Summer Bod' Health Scale: 10/10 (meal prep = A1)-  They can be purchased both individually or as a package purchase for the week or a group. Delivery is available Monday to Friday 9am to 8pm.


Eat Healthy At Natura Juicery

212 Avenue Mont-royal est

Food: refreshing juice with amazing detoxifying powers, sandwiches and salads.

Summer Bod' Health Scale: 8.5 /10


Eat Healthy At Chop'd & Co.

1241 Avenue McGill College

Food: Salads and soups.

Summer Bod' Health Scale: 8 /10 (Healthy but more of a "fast food" healthy cheat)


Eat Healthy At LOV

464 Rue McGill

Food: 90% vegan restaurant that focuses on local produce

Summer Bod' Health Scale: 9.5 /10 ($$$)


Eat Healthy At Aux Vivres

the only restaurant that could ever convince me to go vegan 🐉 #4x4 #nationals

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4631 Boul St-Laurent

Food: Vegan "cheesecakes", "chilli", and "hamburgers"

Summer Bod' Health Scale: 9/10 ($ and easy access - sold in store and at IGAs)


Eat Healthy At Sushi Momo

4669 Saint Denis Street

Food: 100% vegan sushi. Their rolls feature innovative ingredients, like jackfruit and faux shrimp, combined to create some of the most tasty and healthy sushi.

Summer Bod' Health Scale: 8.5/10 (rice, rice, rice)


Eat Healthy At Cafe Bloom

Un autre endroit �, découvrir #brunch #ondéjeune #chatelaineadresses #lacuisinedemargherita

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1940 Rue Centre

Food: Breakfast food - vocado mousse (!!!) on rye toast, homemade granola, yogurt, and fruit, and a "Bloom Bowl", with salmon gravlax and dill yogurt.

Summer Bod' Health Scale: 8.5/10 (not large meals)


Eat Healthy At Venice

Colourful night with my babi 💏

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440 Rue Saint-François-Xavier

Food: Hawaiian raw fish and rice dish (Poke), avocado toast, which is served with a poached egg and pure...

Summer Bod' Health Scale: 8/10


Eat Healthy At Olive Et Gourmando

It's all sunshine and salty ricottas here today! ☀️☀️☀️ 📸: @eatwitheva #regram #salty #oliveetgourmando #yum #miam

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351 Rue Saint Paul O

Food: Eggs, Sanwiches, Salads; featuring roasted tofu and soba noodles, their homemade ricotta dish, and their vegan cold sandwich, with a chickpea and harissa patty and raw beets

Summer Bod' Health Scale: 9/10 (more breakfast)


Eat Healthy At Copper Branch

lunch date

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1245 Rue Bishop, Multiple locations

Food: bowls, burgers, sandwiches, poutine...

Summer Bod' Health Scale: 8/10 (more fast food helthy cheats)


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