Photo cred -  u/who__are__you

Poutine and steak, two of the world's most perfect foods. But would anyone ever dare to combine them? Sure some delusional individuals in the past have thought that a fitting tribute to these iconic food items would be a poutine topped with steak slices. But those people clearly don't understand steak. Steak isn't a topping, it's the main event.

Here we have one woman who did it right. She figured that since she was going to top her steak with gravy anyways, she might as well throw on some fries and cheese curds while she's at it. And so the poutine steak was born. (not to be confused with the steak poutine, which isn't the same thing at all)

The beauty of this dish is you can go crazy with your choice of gravy. Will you stick with the classic poutine gravy or give your dish a twist with a peppercorn steak sauce? The choice is yours.

Photo cred -  u/who__are__you

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