I don't even think I have to explain to you guys how much I love Portuguese chicken. Honestly, what's not to love?

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Let me break it down for those of you who've never tried the legit wonder that is a roasted Portuguese chicken: this dish is seriously awesome.

Crisp and flavourful on the outside - often thanks to the way it's cooked, and the addition of spicy, tasty Piri Piri sauce - and incredibly juicy and tender on the inside, there is legit a punch of flavour in every single bite of Portuguese chicken.

And although we're super lucky to have tons of awesome places to get Portuguese chicken in Montreal, one spot in particular stands out.

A (very) little ways away from where you might typically grab some Portuguese chicken in the city, this restaurant is actually situated in Montreal's Villeray.

Braseiro (8261 Boul St-Laurent) has been in business for a super long time.

It's known for its highkey awesome Portuguese dishes, like bifanas (pork sandwiches), sausage, octopus, bitoque (Portuguese steak), and, of course, Portuguese chicken.

Honestly, all of their dishes are amazing (I really recommend trying the bitoque, BTW, which is cooked to perfection, tasy, and served with an egg right on top) - but their chicken is legitimately on a level on its own.

No matter how I try to describe this dish to you, I really cannot do it justice. It's super tasty, crispy, juicy, and charred to absolute perfection.

Also served with thick-cut and crispy french fries and a super fresh salad on the side, Braseiro's Portuguese chicken will absolutely take your whole day to the next level.

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