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The popularity of poutine just keeps growing and there is no shortage of variety when it comes to our national dish. But our poutine twists are usually simple so as to not take anything away from the classic poutine taste. We usually just throw on some bacon or fried chicken and call it a day, but not Korea. That's right, there is now a Korean twist on a Quebec dish.

Introducing the Korean poutine with gamja jorim fries, kimchi relish, korean chili paste, marinated kalbi, teriyaki, kewpie mayonnaise and scallions. Holy shit that's hard to pronounce, imagine having to order that at a drive through?

Now let's break this dish down: Gamja jorim fries aren't too much of twist, it just means braised potatoes in Korean. The kimchi relish is marinated cabbage mixed with oil, lime juice chives, soy sauce, agave syrup and Sriracha. Kalbi (or galbi) are short-ribs (either beef or pork) marinated in Korean soy sauce. As for the kewpie mayonnaise, its just a creamier mayonnaise made from rice vinegar.

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