Montreal is a trendsetting city, no matter how you look at it. 

Tattoo culture is something very special to Montrealers, and we have some of the best tattoo artists in the country. 

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Now, this could be fairly subjective - but here are some of the hottest tattoo trends for 2018!


Minimalist tattoos are popping up everywhere I look. They are typically minimal linework tattoos. They're simple, they're stunning, and they're defining tattoo culture for 2018. 


Dotwork tattoos are another trend you are likely seeing everywhere. Intricate designs are done using the stippling method, usually in black or grey ink. Find an artist in Montreal who specializes in this method for best results when healed.

Black Work

@laurelupoembedded via

Blackwork tattoos push dotwork and linework to the extreme. Massive blank tint areas, complex patterns and graphic art are the name of the game. A good blackwork tattoo may be a lot of ink-coverage on the arm, but the results are stunning! 

Water Colour 

Watercolour tattoo art is taking over! The results of these tattoos are stunning, but be sure to find yourself the right tattoo artist to do it, and make sure some outline work is present as they will fade out a lot over the years if no outlines are done.

Hand/Finger Tattoo

Tattoos on your hands are becoming more mainstream. Once was a time that these tattoos were reserved for the seasoned ink subject, but now it is more and more common. 

Many people will do this subtly, others will take it all the way, like the post I linked above. Another trend in this style is small, hyper-defined designs like this one: 

Be careful with these, a good artist is essential as the healing and keep-up is tough!


Tattoo trends come and go. Geometric or "sacred" geometric tattoos have been around for a long time - but more modernized designs are becoming very popular. Think of mandalas, prismatic graphics and intricate shapes. 

New School 

Classic tattoo elements meets a new school design. Similar to old school tattooing, new school uses heavy outlines, but with a brighter range of colours and more abstract designs with exaggerated details. 

Unlike the old school way, new school style is more fantastical than the traditional old school. 

Old School

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This one is a no-brainer. Old school styled tattoos are forever classic. These are your "mom" hearts, flowers, anchors, pin-ups and so on. 

This trend will never go away, and it never should. 

Note: All Instagram posts shared here belong to local tattoo artist's. 

Check em out, follow their pages - and book one of these talented artists for your next ink! 

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