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Mornings can be a bit bitter, what with you being torn away from your warm and soothing bed only to be thrust into autumn's chilly weather because of work/school, but coffee always makes waking up a bit sweeter, giving your body just what it needs to enter the waking world. Make morning the sweetest they can be with coffee like candy, namely the Peanut Butter Cup Latte, by LunchBoxBunch.

Entirely vegan, the PBCL makes up for what it lacks in dairy with indulgent amounts of sugar and cocao. A bit of a process to make (making your own vegan peanut butter caramel) the PBCL looks to be well worth the effort. How can you be mad in the morning when you're sipping on one of these?

All it really takes is mixing together some heated almond or soy milk, a shot of espresso, some cocoa powder, and a bit of sweetener if you like. Top it all off with some vegan peanut butter caramel (essentially peanut butter, coconut cream and sugar) and you have a latte that can rival anything you get at Starbucks.

See the full recipe at, and check out some picks of the Peanut Butter Cup Latte below.

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