Living in a city like Montreal, there's always something to do and somewhere to explore, no matter what time of year. Even when you've been to every mainstream restaurant, bar and event there is always a hidden gem to go search out. Seriously, the possibilities are endless!

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Although sometimes it's a bit difficult to find these hidden places, or find things that haven't been seen before. Not because there's nothing left to do, but simply because these activities are so well hidden you'll never find them unless you know what to look for.

So what's an awesome way to get outside and explore all of Montreal while also taking part in an activity that offers adventure and occasionally stepping out of your comfort zone? You got it - a secret treasure hunt.

Yup, it's true! You can go on a treasure hunt around the city and find some of the coolest things, like time capsules and forgotten gems in the most overlooked places ever! Best of all, it's absolutely free to participate. There's also no time restraints either, so you can spend your treasure scavenging days worry free. This is an awesome way to not only entertain yourself, but to discover new spots in the city you would have never noticed otherwise!

Via Geocaching

There are thousand of locations all over the city where these little gems are located. Some are a bit easier to find than others, as usually all you're given is a simple clue or riddle to start you in the right direction. When you find a treasure, you'll be able to sign a notebook that's filled with the names of other explorers that had found the item before you. In some cases, you can even keep what you've found as a reward! Most often though you are supposed to leave the treasure behind to allow those after you to find it as well.

And if treasure hunting isn't completely your thing, you also have the opportunity to place capsules around the city yourself for others to find, essentially being the puppet master in this urban hunt. 

For more information on this amazing treasure hunt and how to get started, you can visit Geocaching's website HERE.

Happy hunting Montreal!

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