With the Plateau being one of the most trendy and popular boroughs in Montreal for restaurants and bars,  it's hard to believe anything could be considered 'secret' or undiscovered. Even a favourite café or bar that we may think is a spot in the city we only know about is still pretty flooded by people most of the time. Let's face it, anywhere amazing in the city has already been discovered and consumed by Montrealers.

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But, if you do happen to walk down Prince Arthur Street and past all of the well-populated terrasses you'll end up in Saint-Louis Square. This spot, surrounded by cute colourful houses that are a staple of the Plateau, is an absolute treasure in the city for offering a quiet haven from the fast pace city life.

After soaking in the serenity of the square, you'll take a look over at the right entrance of where you'll find a small historic-looking building that you'd typically just assume was the park maintenance or an older (but well kept) building no longer in use.

To your surprise, this is not just any old office. This tiny building is actually a café! The shop is called Le Kiosque, informally known as "Le K" for short. You probably find this incredibly hard to believe, especially if you're in Saint-Louis Square often and have never noticed this place. But, it's really there! If you only ever walk through the square in the mornings or evenings, you've probably only ever seen this cute little café closed. 

To add to the confusion, there's no obvious storefront or saying that could perhaps say "Le K". So, you don't really know this place is right in front of you until you do a bit of exploring. During the day, the café does get a little bit of foot traffic from park regulars, all enjoying a delicious cup of gelato or coffee outside in the Summer sun. 

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The gelato comes in some incredible fruit flavours that you'll never get enough of. But if that's not your thing the café also offers some traditional bakery goods as well as coffee. It truly is the best place for an afternoon pick-me-up.

Now that you know about Le K, this little store is going to be your new go-to place for gelato all Summer long, and a hidden getaway from the rest of the city. You'll probably want to keep it your little secret before it becomes the most popular café in town!

To visit Le K's Facebook page, click HERE.


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