Brunch is a ritual. Nothing tops off a weekend like a little egg, bacon, and mimosa on a Sunday. Some would even argue that a weekend is not complete without some form of brunch.

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On the other hand, a good meal on a terrasse can really complete a summer weekend, too. Well now, you don't have to choose. You can have both brunch and a terrasse.  Here are some Montreal spots that do awesome brunch, and also have a beautiful terrasse.

9) Terrasse William Gray

Where: 421 Rue Saint Vincent // Old Port

Why you should go: Let's kick this list off with a bang. This beautiful Old Port rooftop terrasse is located in the brand spanking new and swanky Terrasse William Gray Hotel, the brunch is much more than standard bacon and eggs. Reserve this Sunday brunch for someone special.


8) Duc De Lorraine

Where: 5002 Chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges // Cotes-des-Neiges

Why you should go:  This long-time Montreal Parisian-style coffee shop now does an incredible brunch all weekend long. With a beautiful terrasse over-looking the St-Joseph oratory, it's a hot spot on the weekend, especially during tourist season. Great place to bring out-of-town family and friends who crave that true Euro feel side of Montreal.


7) Ashley's

Where: 5942 Sherbrooke West // NDG

Why you should go:  For a different style of brunch - AKA Vegan brunch - with a lovely corner terrasse right in the middle of busy Sherbrooke street west; this spot is a true little gem of NDG. Although they  do serve a great deal of healthy veg and vegan options, the food is so tasty all will be able to enjoy!


6) Restaurant Melisse

Where: 719 William St // Old Port

Why you should go: I don't think brunch can get much more lovely than this. Restaurant Melisse also has a beautiful outdoor terrasse that's open all summer. It's a great spot to bring a group of friends for a special occasion brunch.


5) La Petite Marche

Where: 5035 St Denis St // Plateau

Why you should go: This Saint-Denis Street spot is located right next to Metro Sherbrooke and is perfect if you're looking for nothing fancier than classic eggs benny brunch and mimosas at a fair price.


4) Arts Cafe

Where: 201 Fairmount West // Mile-End

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Why you should go: Although this terrasse is small only accommodating a couple tables, it's worth the line on the weekend because the food is so damn good. This spot serves up a little more than just bacon and eggs for brunch, with fresh and local ingredients, it's a must-visit.


3) Brasserie Bernard

Where: 1249 Bernard West // Mile-End

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Why you should go: This French-style brasserie serves up classic brunch but with a euro-twist. They also have a lovely outdoor terrasse so you can sip your Sunday mimosa in the sun. The dream.


2) LOV

Where: 140 Promenades Du Centropolis // Laval

Why you should go: This whole restaurant is designed to feel like you're in an enchanting magical fair garden - even if you're inside - but their new location in Laval actually has a beautiful outdoor terrasse. So take advantage!


1) Enfants Terribles

Where: 1257 Bernard Ave // Outremont

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Why you should go:  The OG location of Les Enfants Terribles on Bernard Street in the heart of Outremont has a bustling terrasse which serves brunch all weekend. In general, if you're looking for outdoor brunch, this is a great street to hit up. With about 3 blocks of bistro-style restos all serving yummy eggs benny, you're bound to a find a table.


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