Summer is all about sweet desserts, I don't know about you but nothing paints the perfect summer night like going for a nice post-dinner walk and getting a big satisfying cone of ice cream.

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A Quebec-based restaurant called Gaufres & Glaces which opened its first location in Galleries Terrebonne - is about to make it MUCH easier for you to quench your sugar cravings in Montreal.

Their new Montreal location is located on Saint-Laurent street in the heart of the Plateau. This dessert shops specialize in baking-up and serving hot bubble waffle as a blank slate for a buffet of ice cream and, most importantly a buffet insane toppings.

Resting on a warm bed of fluffy waffle dough, you can then select your choice of 9 ice cream flavors, ranging from blue raspberry to butter pecan. The last step: choose from a variety of toppings and dips galore. Which includes 21 Belgian chocolate dips options to coat your smother your soft-serve ice cream.

They also offer a very special drink that caught our attention, it's a form of bubble tea like we've never seen it before. They call it "lightbulb" bubble tea, and it's exactly what it sounds like. 

@gaufresglacesembedded via  

A classic bubble tea drink but sipped out of a very special and glowing lightbulb shaped glass. I would say that this is definitely considered to be one of the most Instagramable drinks in the city. So - if ice cream isn't your thing, you can sip on this delicious and funky looking bubble tea drink instead.

For more information on Gaufre & Glaces, check out their official Facebook page HERE.

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