Photo Cred - Epicurean in DC

The versatility of avocados extends way beyond guacamole, as the green super-food can practically be eaten any time of day. Avocado is no stranger to the breakfast scene and can be more than a simple topping for Eggs Benedict. Courtesy of Epicurean in DC + That Food Cray, avocados take the main morning stage in this Baked Avocado & Egg with bacon recipe.

Baking eggs in avocadoes is pretty simple, all you need to do is cut your av's in half, remove the pit, then crack in an egg. Season with S&P + spices of your liking, throw on a healthy amount of cheese, place onto a baking sheet (you may need to keep them upright with ramekins), then bake at 425ºF for about 15 mintues. When they pop out, throw on some bacon (it is breakfast people) and enjoy.

Naturally creamy and velvety, avocados pair perfectly with the mild flavours of breakfast. Combined with a slightly runny egg, avocadoes turn into the ultimate morning meal ingredient, as this recipe will definitely start your day off right. Cheese and bacon may not be too healthy, but at least you're trying.

Make some Bacon Baked Avocado & Eggs this morning, or just feast your eyes below:

Photo Cred - Epicurean in DC

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