Photo cred - Brutus

Brutus, the soon-to-open bar in Rosemont, is making all of our bacon wet dreams come true, and you know we fantasize about bacon quite a bit. Fusing two very different styles of food, Brutus has transformed sushi from a Japanese seaweed-wrapped fish + rice roll into a whole new dish filled with North American flavours. This is the Bacon Sushi at Brutus.

Inside Brutus' bacon sushi is chicken, date purée, Japanese omelet, some celery, and rice, which is all rolled up and encased in smoky bacon. Sushi is meant to be dipped, and Brutus' bacon sushi is no different, as the dish is served with a homemade Dijon-soya flavoured mayonnaise. We're not even sure what to think right now, because everything listed on the ingredient list sounds so damn interesting/delicious.

Brutus unveiled a similarly creative dish from its menu last week, the Pogauffre, a waffle-Pogo hybrid that also had us salivating. With bacon sushi and pogo-waffles on the list of eat-ables at Brutus, we can't wait for the beer/bacon/bourbon-centric bar to open so we can mack on the rest of the menu, which looks to be incredibly creative as whole.

Keep up to date with Brutus (and get more teaser-foodgasms) by checking the bar out on facebook, InstagramTwitter, or just head to the official website, although it's still under construction.

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