Time to take a bite out of social media. If you've ever wondered what your favourite sites like Facebook, Twitter, or apps like Instagram would taste like as scrumptious cakes, then your (very strange) prayers have been answered. Say hello to social media cakes, in all their sweet glory.

YouTube dessert expert Ann Reardon, on her ongoing series How To Cook That, has created three cakes inspired by three social media giants. Reardon has made Facebook into a cheesecake, Instagram is now a delectable chocoalte cake, and Twitter can now be enjoyed as a vanilla mousse 'sweet tweet.' Take a look and salivate below.

White chocolate mousse with white chocolate creameux twitter dessert

Social Butterfly Facebook Cake cheesecake

Chocolate Mousse Instagram Dessert

Want a bite out of these sweet social media sites? Give us a sweet tweet @MTLBlog about it, or sound off in the comments below!

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