It's officially December, meaning we no longer have to hide our extreme excitement for the holidays, as they're basically already here! 

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TL;DR Miracle Montreal, a holiday-themed bar open from November 30 to December 30, offers a drink menu dedicated to the Grinch. Prices are yet to be announced and the menu currently has three alcoholic drink options.

Yes, that means we can now enjoy everything that has to do with this festive time of year. Christmas markets, holiday sales, themed food and desserts, even your alcohol can be holiday themed this year.

For those of us who grew up watching the Grinch movies (the Jim Carrey version will always be the best) we would without a doubt take advantage of any opportunity to celebrate the holidays with as many Grinch-themed events as possible. 

Because seriously, we can all relate to the Grinch as adults.

So, as adults, what better way to welcome the holidays than with alcoholic drinks inspired by the one and only Grinch?

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Yes Montreal, it's happening. There is a bar in the city that has an entire menu dedicated to the grumpy green man himself. Miracle Montreal is a holiday bar opened from November 30 to December 30 serving up every Christmas-themed drink you can (and could never) imagine.

Via Miracle Montreal

On this extremely festive menu is another, simply titled "Grinch Menu." As of now, there are three drinks dedicated to anyone feeling a little less jolly this year: Gremlins, Hans Gruber, and Marv & Harry.

The prices of these limited-time beverages are to be announced, but we can already tell it'll be totally worth it just to experience this one-of-a-kind holiday treat.

For more information about Miracle Montreal, click HERE.


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