As the weekend approaches Montrealers tend to take advantage of Summer and go out to one of the many bars, clubs and events the city has to offer. While this can provide for a fun night, planning an exciting evening with friends can become quite the challenge.

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One person may want to go to a bar in the downtown core while the other rather spend some quality time hanging out while playing board games like the good old times. 

Well, wait until you hear this... you can actually have both!

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Randolph Board Game Bar on Saint Denis offers both the upbeat environment of a Montreal bar as well as the chill tones of hanging out with friends. When you head up to the second floor of the bar you come upon an entire wall STACKED with thousands of board games.

From traditionnal board games you may have had as a kid to special edition versions of Monopoly you'll never find anywhere else, this place has it all! Not only can you get competitive all night long, you can also get your drink on with the MASSIVE menu of alcoholic beverages available to order.

Can't even begin to decide what you want to play? Not to worry! Staff know every game in stock and can pick the perfect one for you and your team.

There's a $5 cover to enter (not including drinks), but after that you can play as many board games as your heart desires! And if you're hungry after all that winning, Randolph's has got you covered again. The bar has a full menu of food including nachos, mac n' cheese, tacos and dessert! You seriously can't go wrong with this place. 

So next time you're with friends on a Saturday night and it's your turn to pick the spot to go to, you know exactly what to do! 

You can check out both locations of the Randolph Board Game Bar HERE.

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