Now that Summer is officially here most of us are pretty excited for the weather, vacations, food festivals, and Summer patio drinking!

I mean what's an evening out on the town with friends or a super hot day without some awesome alcoholic beverages that are inspired by this wonderful season?  

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Luckily there is a new drink on the market that takes the cake for creativity and catching that perfect Summer vibe. 

Les Torchés just released an unreal drink that is going to blow your mind. They're serving 4L sangria fishbowls!

These massive cocktails are served in fishbowl-sized glasses (good luck trying to pick it up by yourself) filled with sangria and fruit of your choosing, aquatic-themed gummies, and a whole lot of excitement. These drinks are absolutely gigantic so it may take a few people or a very dedicated indivdual to down the entire thing. 

The giant bowls are perfect for a drink with friends and as Summer refresher. Don't forget how good a picture of one will look on your Instagram feed. 

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Les Torchés is located at 74 Avenue du Mont-Royal est. Famous not only for their fishbowl-themed drinks but their many events that go down almost nightly, you definitely want to head over there ASAP and see it for yourself.

They have an entire section of their menu dedicated to their fishbowl-inspired drinks, which you can take a peak at HERE. You can also check out their entire website and a list of their events HERE

Happy drinking!


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