Most Montrealers seem to adore their caffeinated drinks. Grabbing a coffee before work can be absolutely glorious for those of us that always seem to be tired. Weekends call for coffee dates at some of the best cafés in the city, and ample time to fully enjoy a freshly brewed cup.

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Wouldn't it be amazing if coffee was treated the same way as wine? For coffee lovers, it would be paradise. Stores dedicated to selling the most rare and expensive-tasting coffee beans, visiting a vineyard style farm but for producing coffee, and having an amazing coffee tasting experience while learning about each brew.

Well, lucky for us, you can actually do the latter. Yes, you can attend a public coffee tasting right here in Montreal. The best part? Absolutely free!

Dispatch Coffee is fulfilling a coffee lovers dream by hosting a free coffee tasting event every Sunday from 11AM to 1PM. As soon as you enter the café you be blissfully overwhelmed by the sweet and strong aromas of freshly brewed coffee, but it doesn't end there, you get to try all of the different brews Dispatch has!

While sipping on your hot cup of goodness, you'll have the opportunity to learn all about each brew and how it comes from a farm all the way to your cup. Where else can you get coffee-educated like this?

Via Dispatch Coffee

Dispatch coffee also has a great selection of bakery treats to choose from, and although not free, will go perfectly with that free fresh cup of Joe you have. 

What better way to spend your Sunday morning than having the ultimate coffee experience?! 

To checkout Dispatch Coffee's Facebook click HERE, and to find their location you can click HERE. 

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