You may have heard of Kem CoBa by now, one of Montreal's most popular independent artisinal ice cream shops. On hot summer days, the line is known to practically wrap around the block. Everyone in the Mile-End gathers for their daily dose of home-made goodness. You can't even feel guilty eating this ice cream, it's THAT good.

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Unlike a standard Montreal "cremerie" that serves up the same ultra-sugary and standard flavors, Kem CoBa rapidly gained popularity mainly for its freshness and unique flavors that are custom-made and change on a weekly basis.

They serve ice cream and sorbets with unique and natural flavors such as goat cheese, lime-mint, and Masala chai. No wonder the line up gets so long. Don't worry, though. Many loyal customers and reviewers say not to be intimidated, that the line moves really fast.

I have more good news for you. The good people of Kem CoBa have opened another location right in time for summer '18. This one is located in the East part of the island at 2525 Rue Des Ormeaux. Props to them for venturing outside of already gentrified and popular neighborhoods.

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For more info visit their Facebook page, HERE.

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