There's quite a few Montreal restaurants with insane menu items that definitely make them stand out from the rest. Whether that's insane cocktails or massive twists on classic eats, you won't find them anywhere else in the city.

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Some restaurants create such a unique dish you're left both fighting hunger and questioning whether or not it's actually safe to eat. This is where HÀ Restaurant definitely takes the cake (or...bao).

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Yes, they have actually created "squid ink" bao buns that you can go try at one of their restaurant's locations right now! This is probably the only one of it's kind in the country, if not in the world, so you're probably going to want to try these immediately.

The "squid ink" buns aren't actually made from a squid's ink, but it definitely fooled me. The buns are made the same way regular bao buns are and taste the same as well, so you're definitely not losing any of the perfection you get with traditional bao buns, and if anything this is 10x cooler looking. The bao is served fresh and filled with your favourite toppings, so you seriously can't go wrong with getting an order (or two, or even three!) of them. 

Via HÀ Restaurant

The restaurant serves the delicious buns at three locations in Montreal, so there are multiple opportunities to satisfy your cravings for one-of-a-kind food. You'll be welcomed with a modern and chic setting, as well as a beautiful outdoor terrasse that you'll probably want to spend every evening at this Summer.

There are also tons of other options as well incase you're looking for a feast. Their classic imperial roles among other traditional Southeast Asian menu items will have you mouth-watering hungry before you even get there. If you're looking for some refreshing Summer cocktails, HÀ totally has you covered in that category as well. Vietnamese cocktails and other boozy beverages along with your bao will seriously put you in your ultimate happy place.

These "squid ink" buns are definitely going to be the new food trend of the Summer, so don't wait too long before giving them a try or else they may be gone before you get there!

For HÀ Restaurant's full menu and locations, check out their website HERE.


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