I don't think I've ever met anyone in my life who doesn't like ice cream. Even people who don't have massive sweet tooth always have a little soft spot for ice cream.

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Maybe it's the childhood nostalgia or the fact that it makes for a perfect summer date activity, or just the sugar rush - whatever it is - ice cream is the bomb and we wish that these Montreal spots we're open all-year-round.

So now, my friends, is the time to take advantage of ice cream season. And we're here to help you spot at the key ice cream spots across the city.

This very special spot - AL & JO - is located in the heart of Montreal's "Quartier Des Spectacles" on Saint-Catherine street near the corner of Bleury.  

AL & JO specializes in Thai rolled ice cream, very few places in Montreal make ice cream by hand in this very unique way.

One type that really caught our eye is the decadent Nutella and Ferrero Rocher flavor. This is really for chocolate lovers only.

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But they also have delicious looking classics like Oreo, and bubble waffle cones to add an extra layer of comfort to an already very comforting dessert. 

It's a great location right in the middle of the festival action that is about to kick-off and goes on for the rest of the summer. So, don't forget to stop by for a taste.

If this made you drool a little, check out their official Facebook page HERE, and Instagram page HERE.

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