What is there not to like about empanadas? Coming from the Spanish word "empanar ' meaning "to wrap. Similar to a dumpling, an empanada is  minimal in construction and ingredients but boasts maximum flavor.  

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Flaky and warm baked cradle of dough stuffed with deliciously seasoned meat or vegetables and baked to perfection. Bursting with a melody of flavors, it's a little piece of heaven in every bite.

That said, Empanadas are a staple food across Latin America and Spain, and each country and region has their own twist and flavor to the classic recipe.

One spot in Montreal that is definitely doing empanadas justice is Pachamama Empanadas in the Village.

Pachamama refers to the Inca goddess of the harvest. Perfectly representing the restaurant's spirit and recipes. Aiming to create empanadas from the traditional north-western region of Argentina. 

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They have empanadas for everyone, including classic beef, chicken, spicy tuna, and even two different veggie options. Yum. 

The restaurant itself is quaint, cozy, and casual. The perfect atmosphere to sit down and have a quick bite with not much fuss. Empanadas also make a great portable snack, so they also do take out.

Be sure to check out stop by this empanada joint for a quick snack or to stock up on snacks for a day in the park.

For more info check out their Facebook page HERE!

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