This Summer is all about travelling to the most unique and breathtaking places yet. You've already heard of the amazing canyon path just outside of the city, and the Quebec region that looks just like a little slice of Europe, but what about the accomodations that are going to make an out of world experience?

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Out of all the interesting spots to stay that will truly amaze anyone, there's one that stands out in particular. What if you were able to spend a night in a suspended glass pod amongst towering trees, completely isolated in the forest? 

Well, you actually can.

At Parc Aventures Cap Jaseux, you and up to 4 friends can stay in this suspended sphere, which includes scenic views of the forest right from the small deck also situated among the trees. The pod is in a super isolated area, so definitely bring friends or sign up for excursions if you don't want to be alone the entire duration of your stay. 

The inside of the pod is minimalistic and sheek, the outside looking so futuristic you'll think you time travelled. With one side of the wall being totally made of glass,  you have the ability to look up at the stars at night from the comfort of staying indoors. The only way to get up to the tree top accomodation is by a small suspended bridge, which just adds to the feeling of being fully suspended in the sky.

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This isn't the only attraction in the park that offers a unique and memorable experience. Campers can also enjoy aerial adventure trails, which is basically extreme hiking through trees. Take it up another level and instead of safety cords preventing you from falling, giant nets are situated all across the path, so try not to fall. 

Other excusions such as night climbing to witness breathtaking stars and constellations, as well as spending your days sailing and kayaking with some interesting twists. The possibilities are endless!

The park is a 5 hour drive from Montreal, which is totally worth it for the abilitiy to stay in such a futurisitc and surreal location. 

This is such an incredible experience that doesn't just happen on every camping trip, so what are you waiting for! This is a memory you'll definitely want to keep re-living.

To make a reservation or take a look at Parc Aventures Cap Jaseux's website, click HERE.

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