At this stage in the game, I'm sure we all know how about Montreal's beyond amazing shawarma/shish taouk scene.

There are tons of places that make shish taouk so good you'd shed a tear upon first bite; so good you'd eat 3 of them in one sitting; so good, your very dreams are forever perfumed with that taste of pure happiness.

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But, although I really have never met a Lebanese/Middle Eastern restaurant I didn't love in Montreal, one spot in particular really stands out to me.

It's a spot that serves up tasty, moist chicken shawarma, perfectly crisp and flavourful falafels, vibrant and tasty salads, and a lot more.

And if you've ever been to this spot, then I'm sure you can all agree - it's freaking awesome.

Sumac (3618 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest) is a Middle Eastern restaurant in Montreal's Sud-Ouest/St. Henri area.

Honestly, I've been there enough times to very confidently say that I've tried the majority of things on their menu.

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It's difficult for me to pinpoint a favourite, because they do all their dishes so fantastically well, but for me, the standouts are their salads (especially their fattoush and fried eggplant salads), their sabich pitas, and their crisp, tasty falafels.

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And, of course, their "chicken shawarma".

The chicken shawarma at Sumac is unlike anything I've tried in the city so far. Not only is it super moist and cooked to absolute perfection, but it's also cut a lot chunkier than other shawarmas I've had, which was pleasantly surprising.

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As with all of Sumac's dishes, the shawarma is super fresh and literally super flavourful. It's like every single bite is actually alive; the plate comes with your choice of two salads as well, and trust, the salads are just as vibrant and delicious.

Oh, and I almost left out the best part... Sumac also has an awesome drink menu, with wine, beer, and cocktails like Aperol crush and gin tea. So not only do you get a mindblowing meal, but you can also elevate your dining experience to a whole other level of awesome.

If Sumac sounds like your next dinner fave, then check them out on Facebook or on their website.

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