There are legit hundreds of reasons why I love Montreal. I'd list them all out to you guys right here and now, but I like you too much to put you through that.

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But one of the things I love the most about the city? The incredibly unique and beautiful architecture. Everything in Montreal seems to have a history, right down to our staircases.

Loving this colour scheme, TBH.

Symbolism AF right here.

Imagine taking selfies on this staircase.

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The great divide.

Double the beauty.

Dat blue doe.

Green and red: the most fleek colour scheme.

These are gorgeous, but might not be fun in the winter.

Twisty times ahead.

The house, the fence, the steps - this spot is everything.

A close up on the gorgeousness.

Turqoiuse steps are the best steps.

Look at this symmetry!

Honestly, this looks like a legit palace.

A classic (staircase) beauty.

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