As I'm sure you all know by now, one of my main passions in life is discovering new and fun places to eat, drink, and chill at.

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Which is why I love this city so much. You can't deny that in Montreal, new spots are opening up all the time; and most of the time, those spots are straight-up fantastic.

Like Bistro Les Nomades (4287 Rue Saint-Denis), for example.

Having opened up earlier this month, Bistro Les Nomades is super new - but it's already making a huge splash.

They specialize in... well, a little bit of everything. Their menu features things like oysters (including Rockefeller oysters!), ceviche, bison ribs with yucca and hearts of palm, duck magret with squash and goat cheese, and much, much more.

So basically, they specialize in really, really good food.

And honestly, they do not disappoint. The dishes here are amazing, cooked to perfection, full of flavour, and straight-up awesome.

The spot itself is actually a gastropub, meaning they've got awesome drinks (and an incredibly fun-yet-comfortable vibe), too.

But if cocktails aren't your thing, no worries: they've got a super varied wine menu, meaning if you're into pairing your meal with something super classy, then they've got you covered.

Sounds like the most awesome place ever? Then check out Bistro Les Nomades on Facebook for more information.

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