Remember when I wrote a post titled "Signs You Might Be Allergic To Wine"? Well, the good news is - organic wines contain less sulfites (or, sometimes, don't contain any at all) than non-organic wines, therefore they are "safer" for you even if you're allergic to them. Your body will react less severely to it and, ultimately, you will feel wonderful after your night of drinking.

With the help of a Montreal tattoo artist as well as an amateur organic sommelier, Donovan McRae a.k.a. @dmtattooer, we were able to put together the ultimate list of organic wines available in Montreal for our readers. If you know nothing about organic wines, like myself, you will appreciate this compilation. Save this for your next trip to the SAQ. You're welcome.   

Luzon Organic (careful, they make non-organic as well)

- Great simple red, pretty much a light standard good wine
- Often found at Dorval SAQ
- Towards the cheaper side at 16.80$

Nerola Organic

- Great Spanish red wine

- Smooth medium bodied

- in my top 5 picks

- 20.75$

Tetramythos Kalavryta Organic

- Really nice Greek red

- a touch towards the sweeter side

- very fair and worth it at 16.85$

Chateau Lionel Faivre Organic

- Lovely French red wine
- Most "Chateau" wines aren't worth the hype or price, this one is
- 20.70$

Bonterra Organic

- Get the Cabernet Sauvignon

- Easiest Bio wine to find in stores

- Nice easy breezy red wine, but hit and miss, sometimes great sometimes meh

- 19.95$

Château des Estanilles (L'Impertinent) Organic

- Has a cute puppy on the label
- Love this wine great every time!
- in my top 5 favorites
- 18.55$

- Often found at Krikland SAQ

Di Giovanna - Nerello Mascalese Organic

- Flavorful Italian red

- Only had it once but really enjoyed it

- 19.75$

Côte Roannaise - Vincent Willenbucher - Vieilles Vignes Organic

- Very interesting French red wine

- Had bought two bottles, one was spoiled and had to return it, the other was excellent!

- 21.30$ worth the price for an interesting taste

Moraza Tempranillo Organic

- Spanish red, similar to Nerola and Nerollo

- 18.75$

Heinrich Organics

- From Austria

- They make 3 kinds which I am sure are all good, I had the Blaufrankish 3 times. It's fun!

- 22.25$

- Often found at SAQ Kirkland

Above are on my top rated list, bellow are some I wouldn't suggest:

  • Cono sur Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Chateau la Lieu
  • Sangervasio
  • Albet i Noya
  • 35 South
  • Chemin de Roubia
  • Domaine des Huards
  • Bles-Crianza
  • Cotes-de-Rhone
  • Lapostolle Cuvee Alexandre
  • Adobe Reserva
  • Domaine du Petit Roubie
  • Barbera D'Alba
  • Vento Di Mare
There are many more that were just OK that I have not mentioned because they aren't good or bad, haha!
*Keep in mind Bio wines are more prone to going bad because of the lower added sulfite levels, do not be shy to return the bottle at the SAQ for another, it happens often and I have done it OFTEN. I would say 1/10 organic bottles have spoiled, but do not let that fool you. When you get good ones, they are excellent and easier on the head the next day! :)

A good trick is to use the SAQ website to see which stores have the wines you are looking for.

Please follow Donovan McRae on Instagram here.

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