With some pretty miserable weather on it's way to Montreal this week, you might be looking for some activities that don't require you to be outside for very long. With Valentine's Day also just around the corner, you might be breaking a sweat right now as you look for somewhere new and exciting to take your date. Luckily, your worries can finally come to an end.

Yes, we have found the next spot in the city that is perfect for any occassion.

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TL;DR Cinéma Moderne, located in Montreal's Mile End, offers both a café-bar atmosphere and movie theatre all in one location. Both independant and mainstream films are screened everyday alonside a traditional café experience. More details below.

If you have a soft spot for independant cafés and films, we've found a place you're going to love. Even better is that you can choose to stop in for a quick coffee or an alcoholic beverage, or take your order into the movie theatre and enjoy a unique cinematic experience.

If you don't know what place I'm talking about yet, then it's time to introduce yourself to Cinéma Moderne, located in Montreal's vibrant Mile-End.

Officially opening in July of last year, the spot features an atmosphere nothing like your usual café-bar or movie theatre scene. Described as offering "quality screening conditions and the comfort and convenience of a café-bar," it presents the best of both worlds. This is without a doubt a one-of-a-kind spot in the city.

The types of movies playing at Cinéma Moderne range from mainstream, to classic, to niche titles, with new atmosphere for different audiences each night! Films can be enjoyed over a glass of wine or cup of coffee, making the experience even more enjoyable.

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To make things even better, subtitles are offered for both French and English films, offering inclusivity for any audience. Films are played throughout the week, with a different schedule each day along with new (and old) showings. 

And if you don't have time to stop in for a movie? Not to worry! You can also just stop in for a quick coffee break during the day or a glass of wine in the evening. Needless to say, this is definitely the next up-and-coming location in Montreal.

For more information and to checkout the screening schedule and Cinéma Moderne, click HERE.

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