Everybody knows what bubble tea is.  But do you know what Galaxy Lemonade is? Neither did I. Before I paid a visit to this very special Taiwanese-owned and run Montreal restaurant.

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Cleverly name - Le Majesthé - is an unassuming restaurant tucked away on Avenue du Président-Kennedy two steps away from the doors of Metro Place Des Arts.

It becomes quickly apparent when you walk in the place that there is a heavy buzz surrounding this spot.  Despite the low-key location, around 1:30PM it's packed with business lurchers and Mcgill students on study breaks, enjoying all kinds of colorful drinks and treats from their unique menu.

It is no wonder that they are moving locations in about two weeks to a larger space on 2077 Robert-Bourassa, just a stone's throw away from Mcgill campus.

That being said, it seems like Majesthé has gained a following because of the one-of-a-kind menu items and specialty drinks.

Come for the Galaxy Lemonade and stay for the food.

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Don't let the wacky colors of this drink put you off, though. It's mostly made of freshly squeezed lemonade. Prepared with care and by hand, they even ask you how much sugar you want in it,  that's how you know it truly doesn't come from a box.

The best part: you can pick your own toppings. Freedom! From classic tapioca bubbles to aloe vera plant pieces, they really have it all.

Now the actual menu is where it gets really interesting.

In general, anytime anyone says the word 'fusion' i am skeptical. But looking around at the carefully presented dishes and menu items, I was confident they knew what was up.

Some classic items include Taiwanese Sausage serve with seven spice mayo, braised pork bao with pickled cucumber and candied bacon, and Taiwanese Sticky Dumpling served with shiitake mushrooms and hoisin Sriracha sauce. Wow.

It seems like many clients were enjoying their pasta though. Yes, pasta in a Taiwanese-style restaurant. Some popular dishes include Butternut Carbonara served with Chinese sausage and candied bacon, and Gochujand Kimchi Pasta served with braised pork, nori flakes, and fresh parmesan.  If you were sleeping on me, you're awake now.

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All this food not only looks incredible but is very reasonably priced. Expect to spend around $6 for a Bao dish, and only $12 for pasta dish.  This is probably one of the few places in the city where you can find a dish plated so beautifully at this price.

I've also been told that the menu will be getting some fresh new items and updates to go along with their brand new location. Can't wait!

Stay tuned to their Instagram page and Facebook page for all the details on their new location!

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