We all love to find secret and hidden locations across the city — a place no one else knows about, or that is super underrated, making it both special and quite unique in a city where most prime locations are already well known. Well, if you wanted to venture just a bit out from Montreal to discover the next hidden spot you're going to want to visit, the wait is over. You can go visit this secret "wildlife zoo" just outside of Montreal that lets the animals roam free!

It's difficult to even call it a zoo, as Parc Omega is more comparable to an enchanting forest filled with dozens animals you can fully interact with. 

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TL;DR Parc Omega is an underrated "wildlife zoo" located in Montebello, Quebec. The animals in the park roam free, offering a super up-close-and-personal experience for all that visit. More details below.

The park is located in Montbello, Quebec and is open all year round, meaning you could even visit this weekend!

The entire park is split into five different sections, with each section comprised of animals from that ecosystem. It'll feel as if you're visiting all of Canada in one day!

Travel to "The Meadow" to meet animals like Elk, Coyote, Red fox, Buffalo, and Deer.

Visit "The Forest" for some one-on-one time with Moose, Grey wolves, Black bears, and even Boars!

"The Mountain" has Bald eagles and Alpine ibex for anyone brave enough to climb the summit.

Relax at "The Lake" for the chance to hangout with Beaver, Turtles, Great blue herons, and other waterbirds.

Escape to the "Boreal Region" for a true winter experience with Caribou, Arctic wolves, Arctic fox and Musk Ox.

As you can see, there are quite a few animals roaming the grounds of Parc Omega. If you've already spent some time with the animals, or are looking for some new activities, the park also has a super realistic Pioneer village that offers several natural attractions and activities such as visiting workshops and lessons about the history of Quebec with a reconstructed trading post of New France.

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You can also visit the lumber camp, snowshoeing trails, and even a sugar shack! You'll have to visit Parc Omega more than once to see and do everything the park has available, but don't worry, we can keep the enchanting spot a secret if you do!

For more information and to plan your visit, click HERE.

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