Quebec is home to 7,000 wolves, one of the largest populations in Canada. Whether you fear or admire them, the wolf has become a public figure for the animal kingdom. 

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You've probably seen a movie or show of someone living amongst wolves and imagined doing so yourself. Who wouldn't want the experience of being up close and personal with these beautiful animals? The ability to watch a wolf in it's natural habitat and howl with them at the moon would be a truly unforgettable experience. Luckily it's an experience you may actually be able to have without even leaving the province.

In a boreal forest situated in rural Quebec, a sanctuary and observation centre allows you to meet up to 40 wolves face-to-face for the most untamed experience with nature ever! Although the wolves are wild animals, they've been around humans so much that they're super friendly and if you're lucky, one might actually try and cuddle you just a little bit.

The excursion group Aventuraid, located in Girardville, Quebec, offers the opportunity to observe the wolves that reside in semi-freedom within the park enclosure. You'll also learn interesting facts about the pack itself, and be taken on a 15km through the enclosure where you'll be able to hangout with the wolves isolated in nature (accompanied by a tour guide, of course).

And if you thought it couldn't get any better, you can actually book an excusion for night time. Which means, you guessed it, howling at the moon with a pack of wolves! You will definitely have bragging rights for best Summer ever for all of eternity. 

There are 2 types of wolves available for you to meet, gray wolves and arctic wolves. If you're really lucky, you might just be there when there's puppies. And seriously, who would not want to spend a day (or two) with a bunch of adorable wolf puppies?!

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The excursion is available all year round, and if you're also interested in excursions like dog-sledding and kayaking, they've got you covered there too. On-site accomodations are available to rent, so really you can stay as long as your heart desires. 

To visit Aventuraid's website and book an encounter with wolves, click HERE.

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