Yes, I'm talking about ice cream. That wonderful frozen dessert that's so synonymous with milk, there's often a cow right there on the carton. Now, I am by no means a vegan or vegetarian even though I've read this article on why to be vegan, but I still hate seeing cows associated with my ice cream. I love ice cream and I don't need to be reminded of where it comes out of.

Well now I found a solution even better than denial to be able to eat guilt free ice cream, I'm talking about vegan ice cream. There are plenty of juice bars in Montreal but not that many ice cream shops

To welcome the arrival of the warm weather, Vegan Rapide  is now selling vegan soft served ice cream. This delicious ice cream contains no GMOs, is fat free and is 100% vegan.

They also offer a huge variety of vegan selections and they even delivery. They are located at 6206 Sherbrooke Ouest

Check out their website for more information

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