Summer is the time of year when most of us take some guilty pleasure in having refreshing, possibly colourful and fruity, alcoholic beverages. We spend evenings on relaxing terrasses or in upbeat bars, looking to try that new drink that'll become a Summer trend. 

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Well, wait until you hear this. 

You've heard of the 4L sangria fishbowl, but have you heard of the 10 litre pitchers of sangria and mojito?! This has got to be the best invention ever.

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La P'tite Grenouille, known for their already giant pitchers of beer have changed the game with even more fantastic drinks. Bring your friends and grab either the sangria or mojito pitcher to share, or both if you're adventurous. 

A pitcher of sangria is $80 and the mojito goes for $100 (pro tip: sharing with your friends means you can all split the bill on this one). They also offer a few different flavours to help quench your thirst, checkout their menu HERE.

If that's not enough, you can even make a reservation to book VIP booths for parties, which of course means not only an awesome night but enough sangria and mojito pitchers to fill a swimming pool!

Seriously, what better way to spend this upcoming long weekend then to go try the coolest drink ever? 


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