Montreal is known around the world for its variety of restaurant options, satisfying every gourmand with cuisines ranging from authentic Greek, to Carribean, to authentic Quebecois (that isn't poutine). Hell, we even have a medieval-themed restaurant! But did you know Montreal is home to the world's only space shuttle-themed restaurant? 

Well, thanks to MTL Blog, now you do! Restaurant Galaxa, located at 151 Sainte-Catherine E., is maybe Montreal's most peculiar themed restaurant. 

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TL;DR  Montreal now has a space shuttle-themed restaurant that is very peculiar. MTL Blog gives you a look into Galaxa, a Montreal concept restaurants. 

The servers are enthusiastic to welcome you to the space.

Restaurant Galaxa claims to provide customers with "ultimate gourmet dishes" in a "true alternate reality restaurant." The concept seems to be an amalgam of NASA space shuttle with Star Wars touches. 

Their menu seems to be fixed, which isn't uncommon for themed restaurants. Restaurant Galaxa offers a three-course menu with salad, a main (fish, chicken, or beef), and a selection of desserts. 

So far, reviews are...mixed, to say the least. Many reviewers say the food isn't the best, but the atmosphere is simply too unique to pass up a visit. Some even report that it honestly depends on the day you go, so keep that in mind. 

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Restaurant Galaxa has even released a promo video that highlights everything they have to offer. Check it out!

Even more, they have an ongoing Groupon deal so you and your friends can enjoy this uniquely bizarre experience without having to break the bank!

Check out the restaurant website hereThis is definitely a very Montreal eating experience that is worth trying at least once.

You have to see it to believe it.

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