We can all admit that in our hearts autumn has already begun. Yes, there's still another week before school officially begins and the weather right now is clearly that of summer, but it's obvious that we're all anticipating the change of the season and all that fall offers! One of the best things to do this upcoming season is go on an incredible weekend getaway.

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When you plan your trip you'll most likely choose a weekend that's in the midst of all the things we love about fall. The cool air, falling leaves of different colours, it's obvious you'll want to stay somewhere that's totally in touch with nature and far away from the bustling city life.

That's why a vacation to this amazing "tree cabin" is the ultimate roadtrip adventure you need to plan right now! The cabin is totally hidden within a majestic forest so you can expect some privacy and peace during your entire stay. It's also situated at the edge of a tranquil pond that is perfect for canoeing and enjoying all of the fall foliage we've been waiting months for.

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You never know what animals you may see in the forest that truly look like their from a Disney movie: moose, bears, deer and otters all live within the enchanted woods so you'll probably want to bring a camera with you to capture the moment if you happen to spot them.

As for the cabin itself, your journey begins at the main level of the tiny forest home complete with miniature versions of everything you could ever need (kitchen, sitting space, bathroom, etc.). Climb the winding staircase that was carved from a tree to enter the cabin's bedroom. The entire cabin is surrounded by windows, so matter where you are you'll always have the opportunity to fully enjoy the outdoors.

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And if you thought it couldn't get any better, the cabin actually comes with an outdoor rustic hot tub! What better way to spend a cool, autumn evening than to relax in a hot tub with a glass of wine?

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The cabin is just under two hours away from Montreal in Vermont. This makes it the perfect distance to be a true weekend escape from everyday life. Now that you know about this secret cabin in the enchanted forest, what are you waiting for? Days book up super fast, so you'll want to jump on the opportunity to stay here during an autumn weekend ASAP!

For more information on the "tree cabin" and to book your stay, click HERE.

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