The next few months call for adventures and outings unique to the season. Because it's the perfect time to appreciate Canada's foliage, you probably have a few roadtrips already planned out to take advtange of the best time of year.

It's no secret that we all want to experience true autumn vibes before the beauty of the season quickly turns into another Canadian Ice Age. Eating pumpkin-flavoured foods and going apple-picking have become essential activities. Seriously, these are the things fall was made for!

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Let's not forget how exciting it is to spend a night somewhere truly made for the season. Cabins can be a good choice, but at times it's a bit overdone. If you want to stay somewhere that will give you ultimate bragging rights amongst your friends for years to come, there's only one place to consider.

Via Entre Cîmes et Racines

Quebec's one-of-a-kind Hobbit house.

As you can tell, the enchanted lodge is inspired by the famous fantasy world you'd before only be able to visit through novels and movies.

Known simply as "The Hobbit," it's the first underground dwelling available to rent in Quebec. The entire tiny home is circular and covered by its "green roof" made of moss and other living plants found throughout the forest.

Via Entre Cîmes et Racines

The interior is made of wood and stone, and with your only available light coming from candles and the central wood oven stove you will seriously feel as though you've been transported into J. R. R. Tolkein's fictional story.

Via Entre Cîmes et Racines

Via Entre Cîmes et Racines

The lodge has everything you need to accomodate up to four people and is in the perfect location to fully immerse yourself in the upcoming fall foliage in the province.

The drive to this enchanted destination is only about an hour from Montreal, which makes it the perfect weekend mini-vacation to go on with friends or your significant other.

Via Entre Cîmes et Racines

There's really no where else that can top spending a night at this "Hobbit House" during the fall! So, what are you waiting for?

For more information on "The Hobbit" click HERE.

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