Celine is putting rumours to rest about her alleged relationship with background dancer, Pepe Munoz.

While the two were seen at Paris Fashion Week being super cute, the singer is yet again shutting down the gossip about the pair being romantically involved.

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TL;DR Celine Dion's "best friend" is straight up too handsome for us to believe they aren't together... but the singer is insisting she is still single and Pepe Munoz, her dancer, is simple a platonic pal.

In an interview with The Sun, Celine reacted to the media's quick desire to pair her with the younger man upon seeing them together in Paris. 

The 50-year-old music mogul clarified that, "yeah, there's another man in [her] life," but that doesn't mean he's "THE man in [her] life."

The background singer is 34 and they are incredibly close, having toured and performed together for years.

She continues to explain their relationship saying, “we’re friends, we’re best friends. Of course, we hug and hold hands and go out, so people see that. I mean, he’s a gentleman. He’s giving me his hand to go out.”

The assumption that she is over the death of her late husband, René, couldn't be further from the truth.

However, she doesn't mind the rumours, "because he’s handsome and he’s my best friend.”

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Celine is steadfast in her single-dom and living life to the fullest in her fifties. In the interview, she expresses her excitement for new shows and her new album now that she is ending her 15-year residency in Las Vegas.

This week is just another rhinestone in Celine's fashion belt, as she has also recently launched her own line of gender-neutral children's clothes. 

Fashion has always been important to Dion, who looks at it as another form of artistic expression.

She's clearly using this outlet to find new ways to express herself if her looks at Paris Fashion Week are any indication.

While the singer insists that she and Munoz are not an item, it's still nice to see her totally feeling herself in the most spectacular fashion.

Clearly, 50 is the new 20 if Celine is any indication.

And while she wants her fans to know that she and Pepe are just pals, we totally respect that you can mourn an old love while still finding new love.

So if they do eventually decide to make it official, we're already on board. 

He seems to be a multi-faceted artist, as well. Not only does he dance but he also draws.

The focus of his drawings seem to primarily be fashion sketches, clearly, another area where his and Celine's interests overlap.

@p.e.p.e.munozembedded via  

On his Instagram, he refers to himself as a New York-based illustrator, and his drawings are super elegant and beautiful.

They also often feature our favourite songstress, like the one above.

We love Celine and are glad that she seems to be happy with her best pal.


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