Meghan Markle is one of the very few American-born women to have found herself living in Kensington Palace with the title "Duchess."

From the start, this has put Meghan under a serious spotlight by the press and scrutiny by the Royal family. She is currently living and breathing the classic "fish out of water" story. However, Meghan isn't just a nobody, she's an actress; familiar with the world of fame and stardome. 

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TL;DR Here is a collection of the 6 most important Royal rules that Meghan Markle has disobeyed since her marriage to Prince Harry.

Her "hollywood" celeb background has made Meghan Markle a kind of anti-Royal.  It's most apparant in the way she chooses to dress herself.  In the eyes of the 92-year-old Queen, Meghan's outfits look a little too "Hollywood." Afterall, the Queen's dressing standards come from a totally different era.

Ultimately, although the Queen disapproves, Meghan's fans, followers, and the general public overwhelmingly approve of her fresh "edgy" take on the Royal look.  Meghan is actively re-writing and updating the Royal dress code for good. 

1. She shows off WAY too much leg

On multiple occassions, Meghan shows off way too much leg for a Duchess. Compare her to any outfit donned by Kate Middleton, and it's easy to see how far Meghan pushes this Royal rule. For example: the stunning and leggy black tuxedo dress (below) from Canadian brand Judith & Charles that actually broke the internet. Another example, this wildly high slit on a beachy linen dress from California brand The Reformation that she wore on the Royal Tour.

2. She wears all black on non-mourning occassions

Despite the Queen's conservative style, she's a fan of bright colors. She is not a fan of black, unless it's a mourning occasion, only then is all-black considered appropriate. Too bad Meghan Markle loves to wear black, especially when she's donning evening wear. Sorry, Queen.

3. She fails to wear a hat during formal events

In my opinion, this rule is the most outdated. I understand that hats are a display of formality, and they definitely look elegant, but it's 2018! Meghan agrees. Although she has been pictured wearing hats to certain occasions, according to some insider information, the Queen is not satisfied with how infrequently Meghan Markle wears hats to formal events and wishes she would commit to wearing them more often.

4. She shows off too much shoulder and collarbone

Meghan is constantly guilty of this one. At first, each violation made headline news. Now, the press doesn't even bother to cover an outfit that breaks this Royal dressing rule because, at this point, it's become redundant. But here's a throwback to one of the most controversial — and stunning — outfits that showed just a little too much collarbone for the Queen's taste. 

5. She's often seen wearing dark nailpolish

@chique_le_friqueembedded via  

Apparently the Queen is not a fan of dark nail polish, not even red or burgundy.  She only approves of pale muted colors for nails. Everything else screams a little too "fashion" to her, I guess. As a modern woman, Meghan doesn't see a problem with dark nail polish and is frequently seen sporting darker hues, even at the most formal events such as the British Fashion Awards pictured above.

6. She closes her own car door

@royalnewsandpostsembedded via  

Although this isn't a fashion rule, this moment made headlines because the small actions spoke volumes about Meghan's character. Her fans loved it. Because in the context of the Royal Family and all of the crazy outdated "rules" they are required to strictly follow, this small gesture is most definitely unusual and shows Meghan is a down-to-earth human, just like you and me.


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